Choosing YOUR Home Inspector!!

Here are some local Home Inspectors. Since they will work for YOU, please contact them and decide which one that YOU like the best. The price is based on size, slab or crawl, age, etc. Some will give Veteran or other discounts - ask.

They will contact me about doing the Inspection, and, unlike MOST Agents, I will then accompany you to the wrap-up of the Inspection. I'm not trained as an Inspector, nor do I represent that fact, BUT, I may be able to make sure that you know what concerns they may have.

                   YOUR choice since YOU pay!

Alabama Home InspeXions     Darren Swain / 334-447-9405

American Home Inspection     Mark Rakow / 334-393-3304

Southern Home Inspection     Ken Evans / 334-790-7099

Home Inspection Services      Frank Hasch / 334-699-2519

Home Check Chick                  Stephanie Cochran / 334-200-9877

Guardian Home Inspections   Anthony Wilson / 334-726-4941 

Cornerstone Inspections        Judy & Ben / 334-693-4300                       

Home Warranties

What is a home warranty?

A home warranty is often a feature in the sale of a home.  In that scenario, the seller typically pays a few hundred dollars for a one-year warranty covering the home's major fixtures such as the furnace, water heater and kitchen appliances.  This gives the buyer some protection during that first year of ownership  knowing that if something major breaks down it will be covered.  Many homeowners choose to continue paying an annual premium rather than risk bearing the full replacement cost of a major item.

Although technically not insurance, warranties are very similar in that the homeowner is paying an up-front fee to protect against a potentially huge replacement cost.  If nothing breaks during the coverage period, the customer may in hindsight feel the fee was a waste of money, but that's what managing risk is all about.  Are you financially prepared to replace major components as they are needed, or would you rather pay a set amount per year whether something breaks or not?

One important difference between insurance and a warranty is that the homeowner must go through the warranty company to arrange for service, and this can be another point where a customer might be dissatisfied.

Most home warranty companies offer a variety of plans, each providing different levels of coverage, so be sure to read the details of any contract before buying. Even if you choose to renew the contract from year-to-year, double-check the details of your plan because coverage can change annually. Here is a general idea of what a homeowner can expect to find in each tier of service:

Basic coverage: Plumbing systems, Range/oven, Dishwasher, Garbage disposal, Exhaust fans, Sump pump, Water heater, Ceiling fans, Heating and electrical system components, Built-in microwave, Whirlpool tub

Enhanced coverage: A/C, Washer/dryer, Refrigerator, Garage door opener

Optional coverage: Pool, Spa, Well pump, Septic system, Standalone freezer, Central vacuum

How much do home warranties cost?

The average cost of a basic coverage plan ranges from $350 to $500 a year, with the cost of an enhanced plan adding $100 to $300. Prices reflect not only coverage, but also a company's loss history, which is determined by how often an item breaks down and the cost to repair it.

Some home warranty companies offer additional coverage for certain items, such as a well pump or pool, for an extra fee. Regardless of the type of plan, homeowners typically pay an additional service fee ranging from $50 to $75 for each repair job.

Save on appliance repairs and replacements

Unlike insurance, home warranties are optional, but they can be beneficial. You can purchase a home warranty at any time; most often they're included with the sale of a new house. In some cases, you can negotiate a home warranty when you purchase the property, or it can transfer from the seller to the new owner. Keep in mind that this is not the case with homeowners insurance.

Home warranties typically cover electrical, plumbing, heating and cooling systems, and other major household appliances like the oven and dishwasher. If your unit breaks due to age or wear and tear, you’ll most likely only be required to pay the service fee to get the unit repaired or replaced. The rest is covered by the home warranty company.

However every policy is different; some may require you to provide past maintenance records prior to any service or compensation occurs.

Read the fine print

As always, read the fine print before you sign. Some home warranty policies may not be all-inclusive, so make sure you know exactly which systems and appliances are covered.

In addition, your warranty policy may have a clause that states your appliances are not covered if damaged due to abuse or neglect. 

The same can be said for homeowners insurance policies.

( exerpts from Angie's List articles)

Some companies that many local Agents use.

Please call and talk to them yourself!

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